What's the big idea?

Use elog to create and manage your own professional cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • What we offer:
    • Diversification - have dozens of cryptocurrencies in your portfolio but without the labor
    • Customize your level of risk, in a really cool way
    • Protection from the crypto market crashing
    • Energy consumption index (in development)
  • Exchanges supported:
    1. Binance.us
    2. Coinbase (soon)
    3. (More in the future)
  • So, what's the fee?
    • We manage your portfolio so that you always have at least enough BNB crypto to get a small discount from Binance on your trading fees.  So, that's exactly what our cut is -- it's 25% of what Binance charges you for trades (winds up being 0.00025 of the amount traded).


  • "Even though I am only trying out the beta, I am sold.  I used to spend WAY too much time trading cryptos.  Now I can let elog take care of everything but I still get to make all of the important decisions."
  • (More coming soon)

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